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Quickly create powerful lattice geometries as b-rep, sub-D, or mesh data types using the Lattice Toolbox for Rhino and Grasshopper.
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Overview: Offered as a plug-in for McNeel's Rhino/Grasshopper, Frontier is a powerful suite of Rhino and Grasshopper tools designed specifically for Additive Manufacturing (AM). Augmenting existing capabilities, Frontier provides users intuitive latticing tools that make innovating with AM remarkably easy while providing superior control and accuracy.



CAD + Lattice - A Single Platform: Built on top of the leading parametric modeling platform, Frontier for Rhino enables users to seamlessly create “living” models that update in real time and eliminate the need for time consuming import / export process. Design and lattice in a single platform.

CVM Technology - Design Without Compromise: Developed using GL’s proprietary, Conformal Voxel Modeling (CVM) technology, Frontier provides users the ability to match underlying geometry. Don’t sacrifice resolution with density.

True CAD Data - Flexible Data Conversion: Frontier is designed to provide users ultimate data flexibility. Easily switch between subD, Mesh, and B-rep data types depending on your application and workflow needs.


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