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ShapeDiver is an online service for building web applications based on Grasshopper scripts. Install our plugin & create a Free account to get started!
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ShapeDiver lets you upload and display your Grasshopper models online in a few clicks, along with their parameters. Once uploaded, these models can be shared, embedded and integrated into any web application. Build e-commerce websites, automate manufacturing and involve all stakeholders in the design process of your product.

[UPDATE 23/12/2021] The plugin is now available through the PackageManager! Click on the link below or use the _PackageManager command in Rhino, search for "ShapeDiver" and select the version you want. Make sure you remove any files associated with previous manual installations of the plugin. If you had used the installer, use the Uninstall functionality to get a clean slate.

[MAC & RHINO 5] At the moment, the ShapeDiver plugin is only available in version 1.7.1 for Mac as an archive. Download the archive using this link and copy-paste all files to the Grasshopper Components folder. You can also use this link to install ShapeDiver in Rhino 5.

Learn how our Designer and Business** accounts can open new possibilities for you and your business:

  • Embed your ShapeDiver models into any website and create powerful web applications.
  • Take advantage of our flexible API to externally control your ShapeDiver models via custom UI controls and connect them to external systems such as payment and/or ERP systems.
  • Export manufacture-ready files in many different formats: .dxf, .3dm, .stl, .dwg, .gcode and many more.

We are the trusted choice of early stage entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies alike from several industries (jewelry, furniture, fashion, medical, architecture, etc.) to power their eCommerce and online strategies.

-> Check out our full Documentation here.

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* A Free account is meant for non-commercial activities only. Upload unlimited Grasshopper definitions and test how they run on a web browser.

** Benefits of the ShapeDiver Designer and Business only.

Disclosure: ShapeDiver is a Software-as-a-Service company. Some limitations apply (supported plugins, computation time). For more information please head to or our Forum.

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