Casement window with handles set
(by F.Salla)
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Set of Casement windows, with 1 leaf, double leaf, and 2x2 leaves. Each leaf can have handles and opens individually.

Object type:

  • Window


  • Casement with handle
  • Casement double with handle
  • 2x2 Window


  • Frame
  • Mullion (in "2x2 window)
  • Glass
  • Leaves
  • Handles


  • Overall dimensions: height and width
  • Frame dimensions: width and depth
  • Leaves opening %
  • Mullion Width
  • Window leaf frame dimensions: depth and width
  • Leaves aperture for each one individually
  • Adjust Frame to wall thickness
  • Wall/Frame Alignment
  • Frame/Leaves Alignment
  • Handle distribution by opening side and by Top/Bottom leaves
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